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Stay tuned for all the details for the 2020/2021 season of the Portuguese Primeira Liga and which are the main candidates for the title

The NOS League or Portuguese Primeira Liga is the main championship involving Portuguese clubs. Traditional teams are usually the main contenders for the title, like Porto, Benfica and Sporting. However, can anyone else enter the title race for the 2020/2021 season? Let’s find out together and we’ll give you some tips on how to bet on the Portuguese Championship.

First of all, let’s get to know a little more about the main players in the tournament. What are the pieces that can make a difference among the 18 teams participating in the 34 rounds that the competition takes place.

How many European Championship places are there?

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The Portuguese league does not have that many places for international tournaments. Liga Nos grants two spots directly to the UEFA Champions League and another spot to the third-placed team, which has the right to play in the group stage of the Europa League.

As there are three places for European championships, in most cases, it is the most popular trio that participates, only alternating between the competitions they play. This can also be a great thing, even generating better odds, even than the champion.

Tournament play-off criteria

If we talk about places for European championships and title, we cannot forget a detail that can also help you to organize yourself with the predictions and strengthen your bets. We are talking about what can break the tie in a championship when the number of points is equal. In addition to the examples of title and tournament qualification, we also have to include the relegated from the tournament.

Before we go into the criteria themselves, it is worth noting that two teams drop straight down to the second division and the one placed second-bottom in the final table has to play a knockout match to try and stay in the second division against a team with the third best record. Measuring the strengths of the teams defines who plays in the first or second division.

Returning to the focus of the competition’s tie-breaking criteria, see which are in order, to place in your tables:

  • Head-to-head.
  • Goal difference in head-to-head.
  • Most away goals, also in head-to-head
  • Overall goal difference
  • Number of wins
  • Most positive attack in the league

If a draw still remains, which is extremely rare with all the criteria, a direct match is played to decide the championship, whether it’s for the title, classification or relegation.

Statistics for the 2019/2020 season

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Let’s now delve into some details that can make a difference in football predictions, especially in the Portuguese League. Well, statistics are essential points for the bettor to have even more security, even with more recent information. In the case of a team keeping the same base and making one-off signings, it is even easier to see how the team will perform.

Therefore, we highlight here that the 2019/2020 season of the Portuguese League had a total of 306 matches played and Porto was the champion of the edition. Throughout the entire tournament 763 goals were scored, generating an average of 2.49 goals per game, which is quite a high average.

Speaking more specifically about the top scorer and the owner of the highest number of assists, we had a triple draw regarding goals, as Carlos Vinícius (Benfica), Mehdi Taremi (Rio Ave) and Pizzi (Benfica) scored 18 goals. Pizzi was also the league’s top scorer, with 14 assists.

Regarding the teams that had positive and negative highlights, let’s start with the number of goals. The leader in goals scored was Porto, the champion, with 74 goals scored. The least effective attack was CD Aves, with only 24 goals scored.

The defence with the fewest goals conceded, which is also of paramount importance to have an overview, was Porto, once again, conceding only 22 goals over the 34 rounds. The team that conceded the most goals was, also, CD Aves, with 68 goals conceded and 27 defeats throughout the competition.

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