Roulette types

The most important thing to collect money in roulette besides the knowledge of the basic rules and the effective strategy of the game is the big bankroll, that is, the budget for the game. Why is budget size so important? First of all, many betting systems initially determine the sum you must have to use them.

How to Win at American Roulette: Tricks

American Roulette

The first requirement of this undoubtedly effective system is a strictly limited bankroll. To use the 6 pack + system in the game with real money you will need the budget of at least 180 units. This amount is calculated as follows: the number of units in the dozen rounds (provided that the total costs in each spin will be 5 units), multiplied by three steps 12 х 5 х 3 = 180. If your budget is limited, select in advance the roulette variant with the minimum bets, for example, with the possibility of making bets at equal odds of 10 cents. So your bankroll should be equal to 18 dollars. If you play the standard version of roulette with the minimum bet of 1 dollar, be prepared that your budget will be at least 180 dollars. Although the 6 pack + system practically guarantees profit, not every player can risk such a large sum, pay attention to this before you start playing.

French Roulette: Tricks To Win At The Online Casino

It is quite easy to play any roulette in casinos, because it really is the simplest for beginners who have not once tried to bet real money, the easiest is only slots. However, this does not mean that beginner players will not face any difficulties at all, so, for example, French roulette has a number of additional rules that are not present in other types of the game. For the rest, in no case can it be considered a disadvantage, on the contrary: thanks to such special rules there are many tricks for French roulette that greatly increase the player’s chances of winning the round.

At first glance, the interface of online French roulette does not differ from other varieties of the game, but rather has many inscriptions in French. Otherwise, if you don’t know this language, don’t be afraid, it is absolutely not mandatory to understand these inscriptions, rather they are intended for experienced players who use different betting schemes. And for those who follow the simpler strategies (which, by the way, often turn out to be more effective) these inscriptions mean absolutely nothing.

The main feature of French roulette is not the interface in French, but the presence of two additional rules that are very beneficial for the player and also reduce the dominance of the casino. If in European roulette this index is, as is known, 2.63%, in French roulette due to specific rules it is reduced to 1.5%, and this means that any player receives a slightly higher chance of receiving profit. in the long-term perspective.

European Roulette: Tricks To Win At The Online Casino

Roulette types

European roulette is one of the most popular types of games of chance in any online casino and therefore it is absolutely not surprising that sooner or later every player starts looking for a strategy that is 100% more effective and allows to win at roulette in most cases. Such an earning tool for many players is the little tricks of casino roulette, special schemes of placing bets on the virtual table in a certain order (or of a certain size). Its main objective is to circumvent the programmed dominance of the casino and ensure the player the benefit of the short-term gaming session (or at least compensation for the costs of spins).

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