LA has always been an area which has housed numerous movies which have hit the box office pretty big. The filming locations offered in LA have always had stars, directors and production crews fooling around. This is why movies such as China Town, L.A. Confidential, Terminator, Magnolia and many others have that huge ‘Hollywood’ sign creeping up on a hillside.

The filming locations business has always been going up high in LA. Various film location services have developed over the past decades which pride on their achievements on helping the filmmakers ease in to the movie that they are about to make without worrying about the resources.

Location agencies provide the filming locations in different types of categories resorting to the need of the script of the season or the movie. The location scout is held in a high esteem in the film, television, commercial and photography industries.

It has all the Los Angeles film locations saved in the form of a library which houses different properties as per the requirement of any scene. The themes are already established which can be selected by the director. This makes his job a hundred times easier. Location agencies have different properties under its control including commercial, official, farmhouse, warehouse, shopping centre, parks, residential, garages, parking lots, golf courses, gyms etc. setups.

Location scouts are always in need of newer locations for its auspicious clientele. If anyone in the California, especially in the Los Angeles area, is interested in selling or leasing his or her property, location agencies would be extremely interested in marketing the property and bringing the revenue shares back to you. This is quite different from that of a broker’s prospective because the return is pretty sharp and pretty huge. This will definitely sound like an encouragement. Apart from all this, a location scout who has the requisite aesthetic sense regarding the locations where the film at hand will best prosper. Due to the plenty of filming locations in LA it becomes hard sometimes to find out the best from among the better. This is where the location scout comes in. Lastly, he or she puts a great importance towards what it is bringing to the people considering that it becomes a part of the film which its working on (although not mentioned). Los Angeles is a heaven for film producers and directors but it can go hellishly wrong if the scheduling, location scouting and scenic adjustment is not done prior to what that is asked. Film LA helps sort out such major issues into solvable pieces of cake!

Hey Eveyone,

I was a special guest on a radio show through called Common Sense Revisited and spoke for 2 hours on the right to travel issue.

December 22, 2012 - 1st Hour
December 22, 2012 - 2nd Hour

This is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart. As someone who has been studying the vehicle code and its legislative history on and off for the past 12 years, I just cant help but smile when someone proves in open court that the vehicle enforcement apparatus is nothing more than a massive racketeering operation. Ok, maybe he didnt prove that, but Dan Giguere of Los Angeles did prove that the police cant write a ticket for an infraction.

Dan received a traffic citation a little over a year ago for unsafe speed in violation of California Vehicle Code section 22350. Dan went to court and made a special appearance to obtain information as to who the plaintiff in the case was so that he can file a motion and properly serve the opposing party. Since the citation doesnt indicate who that party is, it was fair to ask the court. Instead of answering Dans question the judge entered a plea of not guilty with Dans objection. Dan was able to quote a California court case known as People v. Sava which ruled The limitation of an accused right to a jury trial has withstood constitutional attack upon the rationale that the legislature had never intended infractions to be criminal. The Judge agreed and admitted that the case is not criminal, which is correct. The judge set the case for trial and ignored the obvious implications of such a fact.

Dan consulted the Vehicle code and the powers of arrest by a peace officer and it turns out that peace officers only have the authority to make an arrest without a warrant if they have probable cause to believe a public offense has been committed in their presence. A public offense according to 683 of the Penal code is a type of offense that warrants a criminal prosecution. But since infractions are not crimes, then it cant be a public offense. Some of you may think wait a minute, Im not arrested when Im given a ticket. Oh yes you are. According to 40500 of the Vehicle code a traffic stop and issuance of a notice to appear constitutes an arrest, besides what happens if you refuse to sign the ticket? Theyll hall you off to jail.

Dan filed a motion to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and a motion to suppress the notice to appear arguing that the officer lacked any probable cause to believe a crime has been committed in his presence and therefore no crime has been alleged. He filed with the court just a few days before his trial. The judge agreed with the motion and suppressed the citation and dismissed Dans case.

The significance of this is huge because what you have are peace officers conducting traffic arrests for non-criminal activity, triggering debt collection actions on behalf of non-complaining parties by way of a voidable notice to appear.

The next time I get pulled over for an infraction Im simply going to ask the officer What is your probable cause to believe a crime has been committed? If he starts to name anything other than an actual crime than Im going to tell the officer that infractions are not crimes according the California Supreme court and that I dont consent to the stop. Once I say I dont consent and the officer doesnt release me, they can be charged for violating Penal code section 146 False Arrest and that is a crime.

Good job Dan.

Ed Brotherton

There is a 28 page chapter in this report that has been censored. Allegedly it makes reference to a larger network that supported the supposed highjackers, revealing financial ties with Saudi Arabian and other sources. I say its time to reach out to Congress and demand those 28 pages be released to the public.

Ed Brotherton

Michael Murphy attempts to answer this question in his new documentary Why in the World Are They Spraying. A follow up to his highly successful film What in the World Are They Spraying. A close look at the world of Geo Engineering and the global agricultural lords hell bent on sacrificing the health of the planet and people for large profits and total global control of the food supply.

Fluoride management guidance

Rolling revision of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-

water Quality

Fluoride management guidance is included in the plan of work of the rolling revision of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality.


Adverse health effects, including dental and skeletal fluorosis, are associated with excess fluoride in drinking-water.

Expected end-product(s)

Management guidance document on fluoride.

Progress to date

This document was recommended by the 1995 Coordinating Committee, and this objective was adopted by the 1996 Chemical Working Group meeting. A draft was reviewed by the 1998 Working Group meeting, and recommendations were made for finalization. It was released as a draft for comment in August 1999 with a deadline for comment of the end of March 2000. At the Chemical Aspects Working Group meeting (Tokyo, 2002), the group was informed that the monograph was being finalized, and there was considerable discussion on various aspects of the draft, including a suggestion that the monograph should not mix discussion on the beneficial use of fluoride with adverse health effects to prevent controversy. The monograph was not discussed at the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Working Group meeting (Geneva, 2004). The document is in editing and layout (2005). A presentation to the Working Groups of the WHO Oral Health Programme on the importance of fluoridation was made in 2005.

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