Working With Deadlines

Working With Deadlines Without Anxiety

The deadline for the project is approaching, but the work is not yet ready. Do you know this problem? Lack of regime: this problem is especially acute for freelancers, because it is not easy to strike a balance between work and personal life on your own. But even working in the office can be distracted by unimportant tasks, procrastination and forgetting about deadlines.

Set a calendar and reminders

Set a calendar and remind

We live in the age of technology, after all. There are plenty of apps you can install on your phone. Allocate a couple of megabytes to download a good planner from the App Store or Google Play. 

Say No to Self-Sabotage

When there are literally a couple of details left to complete a project, there is a high temptation to put off that part of the work and take a break. Often the reason for this behavior is a subconscious fear of the finished result, after which it will be necessary to take on new orders. Self-sabotage ruins the schedule and does not give you a full rest: you shift the focus of your attention from the important task to distractions. As a result, you can not finish the job, but you also can not fully relax.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself

If a cash reward in the form of a salary or bonus does not motivate you enough, invent an additional incentive. Create a mindset: if I complete the task on time, then I will please myself that I like. Ice cream, going to the cinema, gambling on Bizzo Casino Canada, buying a new shirt – it can be anything you want and fascinate.

Split goals into smaller ones

Once you see how many things you have to do and when you have a rough idea of when to do them, you can divide up your weekends and free time so you can get everything done in time. During your lunch break, you can search online for topics and interesting resources, and in the evening, write them down. That way, you can review the information you find with fresh eyes. 

Don’t forget to take breaks

Rest is extremely important, because your productivity depends on it. But it’s not about the length of your vacation, it’s about the quality of it. Instead of updating your social networking feed, take a walk around the room, do some exercise, and drink some water. Also in your daily routine should be a column “personal time” – during this time there is no need to look at the work chat and respond to messages from the customer. Just rest so you can get back to work tomorrow.

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