Win at Craps

Most Important Strategy: Making Bets Odds (Odds)

If you made a Pass Line bet and when you roll the dice you first get 1 and then 7, congratulations, you won the game. This is good news, but it could be even better if you had bet the odds on top of the Pass Line bet. According to the rules of Craps, if you get 6 or 8 points, the chances of winning will be small and the winnings are paid 6 to 5. If the dice points add up to 5 or 9, the payout will be 3 to 2, and if you get 4 or 10 points, you win 2 to 1.

Odds Bet is not only the best bet in craps, it is the best bet in any online casino game. Many people who play online gambling neglect Odds bet on odds because it is not easy to score on the virtual craps table and not all online casinos offer such an opportunity but still you can find it.

If you decide to bet all you have, it is better to bet on Odds or odds, there are many casinos that limit bets and you cannot bet more than Pass Line, but casino jackpots usually allow you to bet three times higher than Pass Line.

Other craps bets

There are many other types of bets that you can make in the game of craps. Some of them are attractive bets with a low win edge. Some of them are considered treacherous with a huge profit advantage. So the strategy for a good craps game is to know everything about betting and decide which craps bets are best for you. For this you have to read the rules and play the free craps games before betting money. The main advantage of playing for free is being able to experiment with betting and learn how to play without risking money. On the other hand, making Pass Line bets with simple odds is always a good option.

Play dice online

Win at Craps

Gambling in noisy and crowded land-based casinos or card rooms can be an intense experience. Playing craps online at remote casinos is the opposite, because you can play in a more relaxed way.

The most important goal of an online craps game is to have a good time. Therefore, the final strategy is to try to relax, enjoy the game and have fun. In fact, enjoying the thrilling experience is the main reason for playing craps for real money at a casino.

How to Win at Craps

Winning at craps or craps is mostly a matter of luck. You can’t control how the dice fall. But there are many stages of the game that you can control, and by following these tips you can discover how to win at craps and advance in the long run.

Play with maximum bets

Making a maximum bet is the key to any winning strategy. Each bet has only one chance to win, you have to try to take advantage of it. While a premium level casino allows you to bet up to €30 in odds. Therefore, to give yourself the best chance of winning at craps, carefully choose the casinos with the highest betting limits.

Follow intuition

Winning at craps is a matter of mathematical probability, but it can sometimes be a matter of intuition. We advise you to follow your intuition and bet on “Hard Ways”. This can give very good results.

Intuition is not considered a long-term strategy, but sometimes when the gut feeling is strong enough, you can trust it and make yourself a winner.

Control the Bankroll


Interestingly, if you want to win at Craps, you have to be prepared to lose. In the end, victory can never be guaranteed. Therefore, you should not play with money that you cannot afford to lose, and above all, you should never borrow money to play. Analyze and control your bankroll or total budget at each stage of the game. You will discover that winning is one of the most exciting forms of entertainment you can find.

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