Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, founding member of WeAreChangeLA, and founder of ‘Jewish Voices of Conscience for Truth, Justice and Peace’ stands up strong and challenges the LA City Council to consider the dangers of a recent agreement to employ top Israeli security consultants in regular inspections at LAX. With serious questions still lingering about the role of Israeli-owned, Mossad-connected company ICTS in 9-11-01 security “breakdowns” at multiple airports, it seems appropriate to pause and consider the wisdom in creating such a close working relationship with Israeli experts without inquiry into potential security threats.

Jack Weiss, the LA City Councilman who helped develop the relationship, has said that he believes the agreement is the first of its kind between a U.S. airport authority and foreign government agency (see reference below). Additionally, the troubling incident of Israeli operatives being caught at the Mexican Parliament with guns, grenades, explosives and Pakistani passports on 10-10-01 (see reference below), just a month after fellow Israeli operatives were detained on 9-11 having been seen celebrating the attacks from across the water in New Jersey (see reference below), needs to be dealt with by our officials before Los Angelenos can even think about creating a working relationship with Israeli security experts at such a high target location as LAX.

Finally, all the peoples of the world- American, Israeli, Pakistani, Indian; Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu- need to decide, perhaps once and for all, whether false-flag terror bombings and other violent covert psyops are an acceptable form of statecraft for civilized humans in the 21st century.

Thanks go to all those who have researched and uncovered important information and facts that enable concerned citizens like Jeremy to put forth these important and widely overlooked truths that are quite challenging to those in decision-making positions.


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(THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN ARCHIVED BY LA TIMES, THE TITLE IS “Israeli to help with LAX security; Expert agrees to make two visits yearly to consult on measures. Villaraigosa says plan will secure the airport.”)

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for info on 10/10/01 incident: http://www.cooperativeresearch.org/ti…

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Video footage shot by Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and an anonymous good citizen. Editing by Jeremy Rothe-Kushel. Opening graphics by Nathan Evans with post production by Bruno Bruhwiler. Music by SHUMONIK.

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Wayne Madsen’s site often contains articles like the following. This is a subscription site which I support. I received permission to repost this article for the 9/11 truth community.

June 20-22, 2008 — More on mysterious Urban Moving Systems

Further information from OMB Watch’s Federal Spending website, indicates that in addition to $498,750 Israeli Mossad front Urban Moving Systems received in June 2001 from the Small Business Administration (SBA), it also received $166,250 from “non-federal funding.”

Urban Moving Systems’ CEO Dominik Suter fled the firm’s Weehawken, New Jersey headquarters on September 11 before FBI agents could re-interview him about five of his employees, all Israeli intelligence agents, seen videotaping the World Trade Center from Liberty State Park in Jersey City before the impact of the first hijacked aircraft.

Interestingly, the SBA data record of its loan to Urban Moving Systems shows its location in Bayonne, New Jersey, an indication it moved to Weehawken in in advance of the 9/11 attacks.

Suter’s name appeared on a terrorist watchlist provided by the FBI and leaked by Italian financial surveillance authorities. His name appears along with all the 9/11 Arab hijackers. A similar list, also based on FBI information, and leaked by the Finnish financial surveillance authority, did not contain Read more

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