There was an attempt to setup Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and PANDA founder Dan Johnson with a child porn attack. The attacks appeared to be very sophisticated and showed up as an email received by Dan Johnson from Stewart Rhodes. Luckily for both of them Dan saw something off with the PDF attachments and sent them to his computer security expert. He was able to de-compile the files and within the metadata discovered the child pornography. This attack comes on the heals of another attempted attack on former We Are Change founder Luke Rudowski. Whistleblowers and activist leaders are being targeted for attacks of this nature and everyone should practice basic computer security protocols. Any attachment you open, make sure you scan it first. Do not open attachments from people you don’t know. Do not open attachments unless you are expecting it. It is unclear where the attacks are originating and the attacks were reported to proper authorities. Whether they do their job or not is still to be determined.

Ed Brotherton
We Are Change Los Angeles