When I joined Occupy Los Angeles just a few weeks after they took over the park surrounding city hall I thought what a great way to reach people about the constitution and help people understand root cause of our current political and economic turmoil.  When I got there I found that it was a much bigger uphill battle than I imagined.   Socialist and communist ideas were very present at Occupy LA and trying to get understanding to support constitutional principals and to use the constitution to bring accountability through the Petition for Redress of Grievance was and still a daunting task.

I decided to contact Bob Schultz from We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education and work with him on drafting some petitions that occupiers from around the country can sign.  I had learned that Bob was already on it and participating in Occupy Wall Street in New York.  He created the OWS Constitution Working Group and came up with a Statement of Beliefs that was passed by the General Assembly.

I created the Constitution Working Group in Los Angeles and began to simply mirror what Bob was doing in New York.  He drafted seven petitions for redress of grievances and created a website called occupytheconstitution.org.  I’m urging everyone to go to this site and read the petitions and then sign whichever ones you like.  Once approximately 9 million  signatures are gathered, these petitions will be served on the appropriate governing body.

Ed Brotherton


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