After having our First Amendment rights violated by the CHP (see Part 1), we came back out to a new location and MADE HISTORY!

Freeway blogging is so much fun, especially when you do it in groups! Standing by yourself with a truth sign is admirable, but I recommend you do whatever you can to get more people out there with you. Each additional body with you makes an exponential difference in the perception your audience has toward your message. We have strength in numbers. Make huge banners and stand together.

Thanks to all those that stood together that day. Thank you Katy, Randy, Stewart, Bruno, Cheryl, Mike, Anne, Stefanie, Esther, Annie, Zan, Travis, Krena, Garko, Steve, Klara, and Max! If someone was left out, you have our apologies, let us know. It’s such a pleasure to be on the same team with all of you. Thanks go to those who were also on the initial freeway blogging crew as we suffered together to figure out the messages and medium: Lisa & Mark! Last, but not least, we extend thanks to three icons in the 9-11 Truth movement for their tremendous support: Sofia, Tom Tvedten, and A K Dewdney!

Video footage shot by Steve Wright, Katy Kurtzman, and Stewart Howe. Music by SHUMONIK. Editing by Bruno Bruhwiler.


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